Caring for your blooms blog post - image is of scissors and pink and white flowers on white surface

Flowers can bring you a tremendous amount of joy by bringing a little of the outside in. This has been shown to have a positive impact on your own personal well-being. At Floriana Floristry we take extra special care in ensuring that we choose the best blooms for your floral designs.

But did you know that there are some things that you could be doing to ensure the beautiful blooms in your bouquets last even longer at home? I often get asked about the best way of caring for your cut flowers when you get home so I thought I would share some tips and advice to help you keep them in tip-top condition.


Caring for your cut flowers and hand-tied bouquets

  • To begin with make sure that you have a clean vase which has been filled with fresh water, ideally at room temperature. It is essential that your vase is clean as harmful bacteria can linger and shorten the life of your flowers. Then add the sachet of flower food as this will give your flowers some extra nutrients that they need.
  • Carefully, remove all of the packaging. Please note that all of our packaging is recyclable and the cellophane that is used to create the water bubble is biodegradable.
  • Once all packaging has been removed we recommend that you cut their stems about 2 cm up from the bottom and at a sharp angle. This allows the flowers to drink the water more effectively as over time the flower stems will naturally seal which prevents them from drinking water and they begin to wilt.
  • If you would like to keep the same flower design then you can leave the twine in place. Remove all leaves that are below the water line as this will prevent any bacteria from building up and help keep your water fresher for longer.
  • For maximum care repeat this process every couple of days. If you do not have any more flower food don’t worry as a sprinkle of sugar can be a good substitute.
  • If you have received your flowers in a water bubble then they can be kept like this for a couple of days after which time hold them over the sink and snip the bottom of the cellophane to allow the water to pour out. Then complete the above conditioning exercise by cutting their stems.

Finally, find the perfect place to display your flowers. A couple of points to remember are flowers do not like the heat so keep them away from any fires, radiators or direct sunlight. Place them somewhere cool and not too hot would be ideal away from any drafts. Also, a top tip is do not place them next to any fruit. Fruit releases a gas called ethylene that will ripen and shorten the vase life of your flowers.

Check on your flowers every couple of days, trim their stems and ensure they have a clean vase full of fresh water.

We hope that you enjoy your flowers and that they bring joy and calm to your home, by following these tips will help keep your flowers blooming and looking glorious for longer.

Why not treat yourself or someone special to one of our beautiful bouquets?

A few safety notes

Certain flowers like Lilies can be harmful to pets, please make sure that they are kept out of reach. Removing their pollen will also prevent them from staining.

Place a protective mat underneath the flowers to catch any water spillages or leakage which could harm the surface of your furniture.

Always wash your hands after handling or arranging your flowers as all of the flowers, foliage and berries are for decorative purposes only and could be harmful if consumed.